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Safety, Environmental, and Sustainability at S.J.Burke & Co. Ltd.

At S.J. Burke & Co. Ltd, we are committed to being a responsible citizen in the communities where we operate, not just because doing so fosters a stable and productive business environment, but more importantly, because it is the right and responsible thing to do.

BASF trading as Glysantin® believe strongly in the importance of sustainability and the company has an excellent philosophy and practice. As a Glysantin® co branding partner this is a philosophy that we are proud to embrace and support.

We believe that "successful companies are those that see business objectives and sustainability objectives as interlinked." Why is sustainability so important to us? Because sustainability processes focus on balancing economic growth, social development and environmental protections so that future generations are not compromised by actions taken today. By embedding citizenship into our business processes, we link our nonfinancial performance with our business strategy. This enables us to focus our efforts on long-term goals that contribute to the success of our company and progress for society at large.

As the focus on social and environmental issues grow, we see engagement with our customers as a critical aspect of our business. Talking about how we address the challenges of sustainability is of value to many customers and they expect us to be responsibly proactive. One way we address the challenge of sustainability is through providing customers with advanced products and services that meet high performance standards to increase energy efficiency, extend equipment life, provide longer oil life, improve fuel economy, lower consumption and reduce emissions. To keep our world moving ahead to a better future, S.J. Burke & Co. Ltd. also follows disciplined management processes, and environmental and safety programs to ensure we have a comprehensive approach.

We view sustainability as a company-wide effort made up of three key elements - Social Development, Environmental Protection, and Economic Growth. And...we advance sustainability through our People, Programs, Services, and Products.

Sustainability: Key Elements

Please see below policies that we have incorporated into our business to aid our sustainable growth: